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Make Traditional And Unique Theme With Camo Wedding Dresses

Camo wedding dresses are great option to bring natural and unique looks for your traditional wedding gown. They are very suitable to use in wedding that has casual theme or traditional. Dressing in camo style is usually use for people who like outdoor activities or people that serve in military. They would show their real personalities and bring it into their big days. There are many styles and motifs of camouflage ideas and can inspire you in choosing and designing dress for the wedding.

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Wedding gown in camo style can be designed in formal with its elegant look and design. When you use camo, you can consider the use of gown style such using gown with halter style, using formal strapless dress that appears in camouflage fabric, you can also use camo skirt combine with blouses for your bridesmaids. If you want to use beige dress, ivory or white, you can put some camo accents such camouflage underlay, putting camo band at the bottom of the skirt or top of the bodice. You can also put camo accents in the edge of the skirt. To add finish touch in your camo dress, you can use accessories like bands, rings in camouflage motifs.

Tips for camo wedding

When you decide to use camo in your wedding, you have to think about how formal your gown design will make, then the climate because there are various camo motifs that can be fitted with the climates or season at time, and your personalities. You also have to dress the groom and all of your bridesmaids in the camouflage apparel. You have to make sure that they dress in the similar style or shade. And do not forget to put and apply decoration of your party in camo decoration.

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