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Pretty Wedding Headbands For Pretty Bride

Wedding headbands are the headbands that wear on the bride’s head as part of the accessories for her wedding day. Headband is very popular accessories to wear in the wedding. In the old days, veil is the most popular accessories for bride to wear. But, some women are love simple things and wearing veil is sometimes very handy and a bit complicated especially the long one. That’s why they change the veil and we got the headband. There are many kinds of headbands that you can choose for your accessories. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the headbands’ designs.

crystal headband wedding

Crystal Headband Wedding

Simple and Beautiful Wedding Headbands

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Wedding Ribbon Headbands
Wedding Headbands
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Wedding Headband
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Flower Headband Wedding
Crystal Wedding Headbands
Crystal Headband Wedding

The first one is the simple and beautiful hand headbands. The simple one is the ribbon headbands. The popular ribbon is the satin ribbon with little crystals or other materials as part of the decorations. The ribbon will make the bride looks elegant and simple. It may have some crystals but the point is still in the ribbon so it can count as the simple design. The second one is the fabric headbands. It’s like the headbands that little girls wore but with other small crystals or pears. This is the typical of simple headbands since the crystals and pearls are just decorations.

Sparkling Headbands with Jewelry

The next one is the typical of headbands that will make the bride shining. There’s the pearls headbands that consist of 90% pearls that forms headbands. This kind of headband is usually worn for the elegant or exclusive wedding. It goes the same with the crystals headbands. There is also the crown design that filled with pearls and crystals. It’s maybe the most extravaganza and the one that’ll make you feel like princess in your wedding day. If you have limit budget, you can just rent it in the store since the price of this headband is usually very expensive.

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