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Several Things Of Jewish Wedding Traditions

Jewish wedding is a traditional wedding which is followed by Jewish people in the ceremony. There have been the law that rules the wedding ceremony and it has been a tradition for the Jewish to have this kind of wedding in the ceremony. It is known that the way of wedding ceremony might be different when it is related to the religion and ethnicity. There must be some special things that people out of it do not about. It is the same as the Jewish people as they have their own ways in ruling the wedding ceremony. Here are several things about the wedding in Jewish traditions.

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Jewish Wedding Ceremony

The Rules of Jewish Wedding

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There are some rules that you have to know to conduct the wedding in Jewish tradition. In the ceremony, the bride and the groom should make a contract which is related to the things in the marriage life. This contract is named as ketubah. It might be related to the promises for both of the brides. In making the contract, there should be two persons of witnesses that signs the contract. It is a must as it means that the marriage is legal. In addition, the rings should be given from the groom to the bride like we usually see on most of wedding ceremonies.

Some Important Things in the Wedding of Jewish Tradition

The other things that you should know in the wedding in Jewish tradition are vary. In the wedding, there will be a canopy which is called as chuppah. The application of the canopy is made on purpose as it is used to a symbol of a house that will be a place to life for the groom and the bride. It is known that Jewish is divided into two, Ashkenazi and Shepradic. In Ashkenazi tradition, the bride will be covered with a veil in the wedding ceremony as it is an important thing that should be applied.

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