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Several Things That You Should Know About Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian wedding traditions present as one of the greatest wedding in the world. It is because a wedding is something very special to them so that it has to be celebrated in great way with great people and decoration. People might have been familiar with the Indian or Hindi wedding on the movie and it makes them feel curious to know all the things starting from the ceremony up to the reception. For your information, an Indian wedding comes with several rituals in the ceremony and it is continued with the celebration. Hence, it needs several days to conduct the wedding.

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Indian Traditional Wedding

The Ritual in Indian Wedding Traditions Ceremony

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Traditional Indian Wedding
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Indian Traditional Wedding

In the ceremony based on the Indian or Hindi tradition, there are several things which are important in the wedding. The first is Kanyaddan which is the father of the bride’s side give his daughter to the groom. Then, the second is Panigrahana which is a ritual to willingly hold the hands close to the fire as the symbol of tight relationship. Then, the last one is Saptapadi which is walking in 7 steps and every single step contains a promise said by the groom and the bride. After that, the couple of the bride needs to walk around the fire.

Several Kinds of Indian Marriage

As Hindi culture has strong culture which is preserved and applied until now, there are several kinds of marriage in its culture that you should know. The first one is Brahma marriage which is commonly occurred in this era. When the father’s bride had a good man for his daughter, then the proposal are conducted continued with marriage. Next is Daiva marriage which is conducted in the past, specifically in the ancient times. Then, it is Arsha marriage which is conducted by giving a cow as the holy present from the groom to his father-in-law. The last one is Prajapatya marriage which is conducted by shifting the Sanskrit mantras.

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