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Tattoo Wedding Rings As The Wedding Ring Replacement

Tattoo wedding rings – since the very very long time ago, rings become the symbol of marriage. People who wear ring in their finger mean that they are already married. Yes, the existence of ring is very essential for all the couple who are got married. Rings represent human’s status of marriage. But, that is in the past. Now, people found the newest way to present their status that they are married. That is by having tattoo on their finger ring, the tattoo design commonly exactly same for both wife and husband. This way of representing status of marriage just appeared recently in this modern era.

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Mens Wedding Ring Tattoos

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Tattooed Wedding Ring
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Tattoo Wedding Ring
Mens Wedding Ring Tattoos

In the past, the reason why people use rings to show and represent their status is because ring is the only accessories that proper for both men and women. Also, the material that be used to make it is known as the symbol of preciousness and greatness. The material is gold. With the characteristic of rings that can be wore all day and every day, people think that ring is the only thing that deserve to be the symbol of preciousness of marriage. It is almost similar with the reason of some people who prefer putting tattoo as their wedding ring.

Tattoo is More Eternal

For they who prefer having the tattoo couple think that, there is something more precious than having the same ring to show that they are got married. Yes, that is by having tattoo as the replacement of the rings. They think that there is something more precious than rings that will never gone even if they want to. The tattoo is eternal, it will still stay there for the rest of their live. They don’t need to worry that one day it will disappear. There are many kinds of tattoo designs for this kind of tattoo.

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