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The Concept Of Romantic Lanterns For Weddings

Lanterns for weddings are one idea that can be applied in a wedding with an outdoor theme or that you held in the park. If you hold the wedding in the evening, of course, want a romantic atmosphere. You can use the concept of a party lantern when your wedding is held. Use curtains made of thin fabrics as decoration on the wooden roof truss, and attach or hang the lanterns as a companion to ceiling curtains. When the peak of the event, you can also hold a release of dozens of lanterns into the night sky romantic.

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Candle Lanterns For Weddings

 The concept lanterns for weddings for a romantic evening

15 Inspiration Gallery from The Concept Of Romantic Lanterns For Weddings

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Candle Lanterns For Weddings

The atmosphere of your wedding night that is filled by a lantern or lanterns is a very romantic atmosphere. In addition to the lanterns hanging to the ceiling frame, you can also add a lantern-shaped house is white or black at every banquet table for your invitation. Put also a fairly large lantern-shaped nests made of rattan in every corner of your wedding venue that will provide romantic illumination. The lantern that gives dim light is very supportive when the romantic atmosphere of your wedding. It’s very beautiful and impressive.

Lantern on a large tree

If the venue for the wedding you have or there is a large shady tree with its branches, maybe you can put lanterns or lantern with a number of quite a lot in the tree. This concept will also liven up your wedding charming. This concept also makes you and your partner can directly join the invitation came. You can also provide a dance floor to enliven your wedding, also provide a small stage for singers and musicians to entertain guests who come. Hopefully this article can help you as a reference or inspiration for your wedding day.

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