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The Theme Of The 1920s Style Dresses For The Party

1920s style dresses is a selection of styles of dress when attending an event or a party that uses a 1920s theme. Style dress with retro style usually uses a material with a brown or dark inclined. Usually couples to fashion this is to use a headband, can be made of cloth in the tie in the head or it could be some kind of rope in braids. At the bottom of the dress usually have a motif fabric in tatters lengthwise so as curtain doors.

1920s dress style

1920s Dress Style

1920s style dresses for the party

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1920s Dress Style

If you will go to the party and the party that has a 1920s theme, then perhaps this article will help you a little bit to give you an idea or inspiration. You can make a long dress with a slit thigh and had a short-tailed rear, with open arms, you can add a feather shawl accessories matching with your clothing. Also use a hairpin with a decorative feather charming. You can also use a glove that covers up to the elbow in accordance with the color of your shirt.

Dress unique retro theme

You will go to a party, but still confused to be wearing what? Party with a retro theme might be a little difficult for you, because little stores now that sell old-fashioned or retro fashion needs or style 1920s fashion. If you are confused, you can use a dress that looks old and you can combine with accessories headbands, feather boa, or it could be torn clothes that have unique elongated like in antiquity. Essentially you can combine a lot of fur accessories that seem old-fashioned or antique giving the impression of retro. Do not use colored dress or a dress that is too flashy or bright colors, combine this with a bright red lipstick on your lips.

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