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Wedding Shower Favors, Cute Favors For Any Theme

Wedding shower favors can be so many. There are some cute things which can be used for the favors. For the first is cake in the jar. This is new idea for people. You can have the cake which is put in the jar. The jar which is used cannot be that simple. The jar should have cute shape also. You can have jar like nail police place. However, the shape will be bigger. This jar can be put in the corner. Actually, all favors are good when it is put in the corner. This will make the invitations are easy in taking the jar.

best wedding shower favors

Best Wedding Shower Favors

How to choose right wedding shower favors?

15 Inspiration Gallery from Wedding Shower Favors, Cute Favors For Any Theme

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Wedding Shower Favor Ideas
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Best Wedding Shower Favors

There are some steps in choosing the favors. For the first, you need to mix and match the favors with the theme. This means that when the theme is Vintage you should choose the vintage favors also. For the second, you need to choose the cute things for favors. This is intended to make your event looks greater. For the next, you should put it in the right place. This means that you should arrange the things there as right as possible. This will make your event looks great and make the invitations are easy to take the cake in the jar for example.

Goods for the favors

There are some goods which can be used for the favors. For the first is candle. However, the candle is not ordinary candle. This is an aroma therapy candle. This can be put in the cute box. For the second is flower. Flowers which are used are special flowers. This can be put in the cute jar. For the third is cute cake in the pot. This will be good for you because this can be used for decoration and also favors.

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